Show Approval Requirements & Request Form

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  1. In order to have an IBRA approved barrel race, a written request
    (approval form) must be sent to the office at least four weeks prior to the show date being requested , and be accompanied by a show flyer. Show flyers with a “subject to change” clause must be
    explicit in the types of changes possible and under what circumstances changes will be made. IBRA home office will make final decisions on all show approvals. IBRA reserves the right to
    refuse or cancel any show (or series) due to, but not limited to, lack of support for the show (series), poor facility and arena conditions, or poor show management.
  2. For a show to be rescheduled without resubmitting an approval and requiring an additional four weeks lead time, the show must have a rain date listed on the show flier. A show may move
    locations on the same day of the initial approval due to weather or uncontrollable circumstances if the location the show is being moved to is within 30 miles of the original location. Rain dates
    and location changes will not be approved if they conflict with the mileage requirements of an existing show.
  3. If a show producer prefers to hold a 3-D class instead of a 4-D class, it can be approved. When filling out the IBRA result sheets, the open class must be placed out as a 4-D class according to
    times run, regardless of how the show paid out. We will award points on a 4-D format for the open and a 3-D format for the youth, masters and Adult.
  4. There may not be more than 1 show on the same day in the same state within 75 miles of each other. If a show has $250 or more added to the IBRA Open class, shows must be at least 100
    miles apart. Added money must be submitted on approval form to receive proper mileage protection. Added money must be guaranteed regardless of entries to receive mileage protection.
  5. Only two (2) weekends may be approved per month at same arena.
  6. The IBRA fee is $2 per rider of each IBRA approved class. The show producer is responsible for paying the IBRA fee within 10 days following the show. If the results, memberships and show
    dollars are not received by the home office within 10 days the producer will be charged a $25 late fee. There will be an additional $25 late fee for each week that the show is late. IBRA approval
    is valuable largely due to our point system. Timely submitting of results is important for producers to receive proper support from our member. Should a producer lose their results they will be
    responsible for paying twice the amount of their average sanctioning fees plus a $50 negligence fee.
  7. All approved shows are to have an electronic timing system with a display board. Each producers circumstance will be considered in the enforcement of this rule.
  8. All members will comply with arena, and/or producer’s existing rules. Any protest concerning differences that a show, arena, and/or producer’s existing rules do not cover, or are in conflict
    with other IBRA rules, shall be referred to the State Director. If the State Director is not present at show, any protest of the rule in question must be submitted to the home office & State Director
    in writing. Protests must be emailed or postmarked within (1) week of occurrence.
  9. IBRA logo must be used on all approved show flyers.
  10. As a condition of approval, shows may be asked to display promotional items provided by IBRA National Sponsors.
  11. No show will be approved that limits a member from competing unless that person was banned from that show or arena for bad conduct reported to the IBRA. The ban must be approved by
    the IBRA.
  12. No show will be approved if a show committee charges excessive
    contestant fees.
  13. Barrels must be closed on both ends. Pop up barrels are not allowed. Barrels must be pulled during drags or if dragging on 5 or less every 2 drags not to exceed 10 horses. Super Shows must
    pull barrels every drag regardless of number of horses in drag.
  14. For a IBRA class to be approved, it must have an entry fee and payback.
  15. Rollovers are accepted if advertised on show flyer. Rollovers may be from Open to the Youth, Masters, Adult or vice versa. Contestants must designate rollover at time of entry. The pattern
    must be exactly the same and must not be changed in any manner from the original class to the rollover class.
  16. A Super Show is an IBRA approved show that awards points to the show’s home state and all adjoining states. The race will appear on each of the bordering states approved show list and
    each state will have its own set of points awarded for that race. In order to be approved for a Super Show, the following requirements must be met: Producer must pay a $100 approval fee
    when approval form is submitted for a 1 or 2 day Super Show. A three day super show will be an additional $50. 1 day Super Shows must have a minimum of $2100 added. An Open
    class with $1500 added and a Youth, Masters and Adult class with $200 added per class. 2 day Super Shows must have a minimum of $3600 added. $3000 divided between the Opens over two
    days and $600 divided between the Youth, Masters and Adult. 3 day shows must have a minimum of $4600. $4000 divided between the Open over three days and $600 divided between the
    Youth, Master and Adult. IBRA Super Show producers who will not be using the IBRA payback must provide payout formula to IBRA home office and may be required to display on show bill
    or other advertisement.
  17. Side Pots for the Youth, Masters and Adult may be approved under the following circumstances.
    1. Side Pots will only be approved when times are taken from an IBRA approved Open class.
    2. For Side pots to be considered for Friday the Open must have $1000 or more added. For side pots to be considered for Saturday the Open must have $3500 added or more. For side
      pots to be considered for Sunday the Open must have $2500 added or more.
    3. Each shows prior year’s performance will be reviewed when considering side pots. Shows that have the required added money but low attendance may have their side pot options
    4. IBRA Home Office can make exceptions to allow side pots for shows that do not meet the above criteria to accommodate atypical circumstances. (Ex: time ordinances or time
      constraints, extraordinarily large shows that do not have the added money such as memorial or benefit shows.)
  18. It is the responsibility of the show producer to check for show approval. The IBRA website is the Official Website for show approvals. If a show is not on the website, it is not
  19. Co-approvals, with other IBRA states, may be made with any bordering state upon approval of bordering state director. Directors have requirements that must be met with home office to
    allow co-approvals. There is a $25 co-approval fee per state co-approved, per weekend. Co-approved fee is to be paid by the show producer.
  20. Producers may be requested to provide their payout formula to the IBRA. Producers may be required to display their payout formula on show bill and other advertisement.
  21. All show producers who request and receive IBRA approval acknowledge their submitted Approval Form is to serve as a contract between the show producer and the IBRA. The producer
    agrees to abide by the rules of the show approval form and the IBRA rulebook. Any litigation held due to breach of contract, including disputes regarding collections, is to be held in Louisville, KY.
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Show Approval Requirements & Request Form

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